Birth Preparation Courses

Sun 4th July 2021
Sun 8th August 2021
Sun 29th August 2021

10.00am - 5.00pm
Heskin PR7 5LU
£125 per couple 

Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Upcoming course block 
Sat 3rd July, Sat 10th July and Sat 17th July

10.30am - 11.30am
Heskin PR7 5LU
£30 for 3 sessions


Where the mind leads the body follows...

Whether we have given birth before or not our bodies and our babies already know what to do! It's innate and although intuitively as women we often 'sense' this, it can feel hard to move mental blocks and outside influences aside to fully free ourselves to 'know' and 'trust' it... fear release is the name of the game! 

Birth education courses and relaxation techniques 'unlock' that inner belief in our own ability and prepare and equip us to achieve calm in both mind and body. The effects are immediate and they continue to strengthen and grow throughout our practise. 


The courses also teach us about influences that affect our hormones in pregnancy and labour. Some of these can seem subtle, yet they have the ability to really help or hinder our mental, physical and emotional responses. 


Having this awareness means we can make choices that are right for us and therefore work in harmony with our hormones, bodies and babies. Positive births are ones where we feel knowledgeable and prepared and give birth feeling in control, supported and respected, however and wherever we welcome our babies into the world! 

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears...

My course options suit most budgets, schedules and lifestyles.
Our training and courses are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.
My free and ongoing one to one support is included with every course booked.
We keep updated with the research and have the latest evidence to hand to help inform you.
All expectant parents can access the members hub,
filled with additional birth prep materials.
All my courses are priced per couple. Any birth partner is welcome and encouraged to attend with you.
Courses are recognised in increasing natural birth rates and positive birth outcomes.
Pregnancy relaxation sessions encourage 
calm throughout pregnancy and the techniques support  you in labour too!