Fact 1. We are capable of birthing without trauma

Fact 2. People doubt fact 1


I'm Jo, a hypnobirthing teacher and mum of two myself. I found hypnobirthing back in 2014 when I was first pregnant and very birth phobic. Hypnobirthing changed my entire philosophy on childbirth and led me to understand the importance of women centred, evidence based birth education, support and preparation.

On a personal level I experienced two incredible home water births and I believe that a healthy baby should be the baseline, not the pinnacle of expectation, when we become mothers. On a professional level I fully support women and families to make the informed choices that are right for them. Positive births happen wherever women feel empowered, respected and confident in themselves and in the support of their care team.

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Isabel & Nick

Hypnobirthing can have a huge positive impact on any type of birth!

Unfortunately (I first thought) I didn't get my home birth and had to be induced due to my waters breaking without contractions at 39 weeks.


If I hadn't taken part in Jo's classes I would have panicked and become overwhelmed, instead, I practiced the breathing techniques and positive affirmations I had learnt which really helped me in keeping positive and excited to meet baby.


The birth of our little girl resulted in a section. 

Throughout the whole experience, I never once felt scared or worried, I kept on breathing and listening to the hypnobirthing scripts and although the birth wasn't how I had hoped, it was a really positive and amazing experience and Jo had a huge part to play in this.


Hypnobirthing has a strong link to natural births, however, hypnobirthing can have a huge positive impact on any birth and I will definitely be revisting the practices in future pregnancies!


Thank you so much Jo for helping us see the positives and joy that birth can be whichever way it goes! 

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Hana & Dan

Teacher led hypnobirthing supports your partner too! 

Our baby girl Maeve arrived on the 10th July 2021.

She is very beautiful and healthy baby.


It was a long labour my first contractions started on Friday morning and baby was born on Saturday early morning.

I managed to labour at home and in the pool but in the end baby’s heart beat was slowing as she was coming down and we decided to accept transfer to hospital as I felt exhausted and we didn’t want any risks to baby’s health.

We managed to stick to our birth plan 90% and I am so happy about it. All Preston midwifes and hospital staff were very supportive of our choices and I do not regret one decision we made along the way.


We would like to say big thank you for your support. At the beginning I said my biggest wish is for the hypnobirth course to get me and Dan on the same page and that exactly what happened. Dan has been amazing and I couldn’t do that without him.


Once again thank you so much.

Sarah & Andrew

An all natural positive birth experience.

I came to Jo for a Hypnobirthing refresher with my second child after already experiencing first hand the huge benefits of Hypnobirth with my first child 5 years ago.


Jo was absolutely brilliant. She expertly guided me through the KG Hypnobirthing course and helped reassure my partner and I with any concerns or anxieties we had.


She was a constant support at every stage of my pregnancy providing help and advice when I was first told my baby was breech and then later back to back. I practised the relaxation scripts she provided me with and listened to the app every night.


I used the techniques we practised together throughout my labour and my second daughter was again born quickly and without the need for any pain relief or intervention.


I can’t praise Jo or Hypnobirthing enough and would encourage anyone to give it a go.

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