A Planned Home Birth Turned Positive C-section

I loved teaching Isabel and Nick. They were a joy to be around! They had originally chosen to stay at home for the birth of their daughter. In the end, due to a change in their circumstances Isabel had a positive and empowering birth experience via C-section. I am so happy to share her story/review because often people assume a change in circumstances brings negativity. Isabel proved otherwise! Congratulations to them both on the birth of their absolutely adorable daughter.

"Myself and my partner took part in the 4 day 3 hour sessions with Jo in my third trimester of pregnancy and they were amazing! We were lucky enough to have the course face to face and we felt really safe doing this in Covid times as Jo wore a mask and hand sanitised before coming in.

I had opted for a home birth and Jo really tailored the classes to our needs as well as covering all other aspects. Before taking part in Jo's hypnobirthing classes I was so scared and anxious about birth, I didn't feel ready or calm. However after our first class my whole mindset changed! I felt like I was more than capable of getting through it and even better, enjoying the experience! The resources we were given, the book and access to scripts etc meant we started practicing straight away and felt they positively prepared us to meet our baby.

Unfortunately (I first thought) I didn't get my home birth and had to be induced due to my waters breaking without contractions at 39 weeks. If I hadn't taken part in Jo's classes I would have panicked and become overwhelmed, instead, I practiced the breathing techniques and positive affirmations I had learnt which really helped me in keeping positive and excited to meet baby.

My partner Nick, also knew exactly how to support me in the process as he had attended the classes and done the practice with me. The birth of our little girl resulted in a C-section as I couldn't get past 3cm and her heart rate started to drop. Throughout the whole experience, I never once felt scared or worried, I kept on breathing and listening to the hypnobirthing scripts and although the birth wasn't how I had hoped, it was a really positive and amazing experience and Jo had a huge part to play in this.

Hypnobirthing has a strong link to natural births, however, hypnobirthing can have a huge positive impact on any birth and I will definitely be revisiting the practices in future pregnancies! Thank you so much Jo for helping us see the positives and joy that birth can be whichever way it goes!" xx

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