Does Hypnobirthing Really Work?

Along with lots of uplifting positive birth stories from new parents I still also encounter misconceptions or negative responses from people about hypnobirthing.


They're usually related to;

1) What they assume it is (they think it's just a way to deal with pain without drugs)

2) Why they don't think it's for them (they have preconceived ideas about what a hypnobirth looks like and they don't believe they are capable of 'that' type of birth, i.e. they don't want to 'fail')

3) Why it won't work for them (they are 'probably going to need to be induced' or 'are having a C-section', so 'what's the point'?)

4) It didn't work for them because X,Y,Z happened unexpectedly (any course that doesn't give people the tools to deal with the unexpected isn't worthy of the hypnobirthing name!)

Let's set the record straight....

Hypnobirthing is an umbrella term that covers various practices and the use of all sorts of birth preparation materials. For example, taking a short course or reading a book and listening to a relaxation will go some way to helping you prepare but it is no substitute for a full accredited course with its resources and ongoing support.

KGHypnobirthing is a full antenatal course (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives). I also offer one to one ongoing support. The course helps everyone who takes the information and techniques on board, it can't not! It's a logical, evidence based education! Birth is a major life event that requires preparation and deserves your time and energy. Your hard work will pay off.

Knowledge is power as they say. You gain birth knowledge, techniques, critical thinking skills, communication skills and confidence. None of this goes flying out the window during labour and birth! Even if your circumstances change in pregnancy or labour, or you change your mind about what you want. KGHypnobirthing will help you remain calm, in control and ensure that you can navigate anything and still have that positive birth experience.

The point is that you need to know your choices. If you don't know them, you really don't have any! Learning your rights and choices makes it far easier to make your own informed decisions based on facts not assumptions. So many expectant parents are really surprised at the number of options available to them. This goes for all types of birth. Not knowing your choices, uncertainty and not feeling in control or supported increases fear. Fear is bad for labour.

We have been heavily influenced, controlled and conditioned for far too long to believe that childbirth is something we must endure and sacrifice ourselves for. Going into labour with that level of fear, uncertainty and disempowerment is not healthy or acceptable. It truly doesn't have to be that way. KGH will eradicate or at the very least hugely reduce any fear. It changes your mindset. You might even (sharp intake of breath) find yourself excited for labour to begin. Yes, really! That is how it should be!

If you want to find out more visit my website and contact me. I'm always happy to help and answer questions!

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