Speedy Hypnobirth on Arrival at the Birth Centre!

Congratulations to Sarah and Andrew on the birth of their beautiful daughter Elodie. Sarah opted for my private hypnobirthing course and kept herself focused and in the zone throughout her pregnancy and labour for the natural birth she really wanted.

She chose to labour at home before transferring to her local birth centre for the birth itself.

Sarah, the credit is all yours, you were brilliant! Thank you for letting me share your happy news.

Hi Jo,

Elodie was born at 2.25pm yesterday, 7lb 6oz. Natural birth no pain relief, no time! Got to the birth centre at 2.20pm, went in the assessment room, my waters broke and I had her 5 minutes later. I was fully dilated again when I got there.

The midwives couldn't believe it. So from both Andrew and me a huge thank you, we have been singing your praises. Thank you for all the support. We are so in love with our little miss and can't wait for her big sister to meet her today.

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